The biological crop protection market is moving ahead very rapidly.

According to the "Pesticides Package" adopted in Europe in early 2009, non-chemical/biological methods should offer farmers alternative solutions to many chemical pesticides.

IBMA is increasingly involved in international, national and regional activities:


Since the 10th of March, the new and modern production facility from Ferm O Feed in the Netherlands is operational! The Mayor of Helmond (where the factory is located) has opened the production facility officially.

This new production facility dries and mixes poultry manure and other (organic) components. The processing capacity is approximately 60,000 tons (output) per year.


A few months after the inauguration of the new facility for the manufacturing of biostimulants based on 100% vegetal amino acids, ITALPOLLINA announces the opening of a new subsidiary in the USA, the eighth for the Italian Group.

“This is a very important step for our company which will be entering the North-American market for the first time” says Luca Bonini, CEO of ITALPOLLINA. “We believe there is a significant opportunity for our products, and an overall growing demand for biostimulants and microbial based technologies.”


HAIFA Group just announced another enhancement of its water soluble nutrition product line with the release of "FertiMatch", a mobile app for calculating the desired composition for Fertigation.

The FertiMatch app helps the grower determine the right amount of fertilizers needed for a desired composition. The grower inserts details regarding his Fertigation control head, chooses a reference element and concentration and the fertilizer (Haifa or other). The output provides the fertilizer quantity needed and the concentration of elements in the irrigation water.

FertiMatch runs on iOS (iPhone http://bit.ly/1ffCGVT, iPad http://bit.ly/1f3uebz) and Android (http://bit.ly/1cy7Bc4). Soon it will be available for Windows phone.


In a strategic move to engage in agricultural water use efficiency, Yara has acquired the German water sensor company ZIM Plant Technology GmbH.

"This a strategic step for Yara into a new segment of the precision farming business, and it is also a response to our Creating Impact strategy of addressing resource scarcity," says SVP and Head of Downstream Egil Hogna.

ZIM Plant Technology sells crop water sensor technology, which is mostly used in high-precision irrigation systems to improve yields and water use efficiency.