13th New Ag International Conference & Exhibition - Speaker Presentations



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Raza Soomar, President RNZ (India): The evolving Indian specialities market

Olaf Rietveld, Sales Director Asia-Pacific, SQM (China): Current situation and trends for speciality fertilizers in the Asia Pacific

Charlotte Hebebrand, Director General, IFA (International Fertilizer Industry Association), (France): Drivers of Innovation in the Fertilizer Industry

Sri Malladi, Director-Manager Business Development India, Lindsay Corp (USA): Pivot irrigation vs drip irrigation and the use of Pivots in fertigation

Impact of Crop Nutrition on the Water Footprint of Agricultural Production, by Wilson Goto, Product Management and Optimization, Yara International (Norway)

The Fertigation Center-COMPO EXPERT’s offer to improve fertigation and foliar spray management, by Dr Georg Ebert, Head of R&D, COMPO EXPERT (Germany)

Dr Thomas Eichert, Ass Prof, Institute of Crop Science and Resources Conservation, Dept of Plant Nutrition, University of Bonn (Germany): Foliar Nutrition, Myths and Reality

Finding the best Foliar nutrients for sustainable crop production: superior performance of naturally chelated products over salts, synthetic chelates and lignosulfonates proven by the field tests and confirmed by genomics, by Pawel Wiatrak, Director of Technical Support, Cytozyme Laboratories, Inc (USA)

The benefits of Gromor Speedfol™ Crop SP sprays on cereals, pulses and cotton yield and quality, by Harmen Tjalling Holwerda, Global Market and Product Development Director, SQM Europe (Belgium)

Tensides and their role on absorption and translocation after foliar application, by Adam Nawrocki, President, PPC ADOB (Poland)

Dr Kevin Moran, Kemnovate & Chief Technology Director, Kingenta Ecological Engineering Group Co Ltd (UK): "Asia-Pacific Micronutrient Markets - Past, Present and Future"

Boron-Amino Acid chelates produce improved plant fertility and crop yields, by Dr Arpad Phillip, Principal Research Scientist, SICIT 2000 SpA, (Italy)

Molecular evidence of rapid uptake and translocation of naturally chelated/complexed Foliar micronutrients and their impact on gene expression in leaf cells, by Dr Adam Blaszczak, Director of Molecular Biology and Microbiology, Cytozyme Laboratories, Inc (USA)

New findings with micronutrients based on phosphate knowledge, by Kurt Verhelst, Senior Product Manager, Prayon s.a. (Belgium)

Next generation micronutrient for improving rice and other crops productivity, by Dr Binaya Kumar Parida, Yara Fertilizer India Pvt Ltd (India)

Effect of potassium sources in vegetables in saline- risk irrigated areas of Argentina, by Ricardo Melgar, INTA (Argentina)

Innovative Thinking in today’s fertilizer production, by Yoav Ronen, Marketing Manager Soluble Fertilizers, Haifa Group (Israel)

METOS® NPK-the mobile soil nutrient laboratory, by Gottfried Pessl, CEO, Pessl Instruments GmbH (Austria)

Seed treatment with iron pyrite (FeS2) nano particles increases the production of spinach, sesame and fenugreek" by Prof. Mainak Das and Prof. Deepu Philip, Biological Sciences and Bioengineering, Industrial and Management Engineering Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (India). This presentation will soon be available!

Changing the Plant Microbiome to improve plant phenotypes: traits ranging from abiotic stress tolerance to harvestable yield, by Marcus Meadows-Smith, CEO BioConsortia, Inc (USA)

Valagro MC Line: properties and scientific evidences on plant physiology, by Alfredo Sgrignuoli, Product Manager, Valagro (Italy)

Cold process seaweed extracts: novel applications on plant nutrition and plant strength, by Frank Hennequart, Global Seaweed Product Manager, Tradecorp (Spain)

The effect of Leili Alga600 on growth, yield and quality of sugarcane and paddy, by Zhifeng Huang, Sales Director, Leili Marine Bioindustry Inc (China)

Biostimulatory effect of Ascophyllum nodosum extract Super Fifty® in commercially important fruit trees and tree nuts, by John T O’Sullivan, CEO Bioatlantis Ltd (Ireland)

Practical use of Activ-CAL* in agriculture, to increase plant resistance, yield and quality of the produce, by K.Latha, Vice President, R&D, T.Stanes and Company Ltd (India)

The Plant derived-protein hydrolysate ‘Trainer’ is a powerful tool for sustainable agriculture, by Giuseppe Colla, Department DAFNE, University of Tuscia, (Italy)

An innovative Biostimulant ‘Ecohume’ from freshly processed renewable agribiomass, by Dr Devendra Kumar, Margo Biocontrols Pvt Ltd (India)

Erger, the key Valagro solution for Plant dormancy, by Giovanni Marrollo, Product Manager, Valagro (Italy)

The use of Foliar sprays with silicic acid as biostimulant, by Dr Henk- Maarten Laane, R&D Dept, ReXil Agro BV, (Netherlands)

The Emerging Global Agricultural Innovation Ecosystem: Trends and Opportunities for New Ag Industries, by R. J. Morris, President , AndMore Associates, LLC (USA)