Reinke Announces retirement of Jim Grewe, promotes Jim Snyder


Reinke recently announced the retirement of Jim Grewe, Reinke vice president of international sales. Jim Snyder, current Reinke director, international business development, has been selected to replace Grewe in this position and will fill the role following his retirement. “I want to thank Jim [Grewe] for his tremendous leadership and dedication to Reinke over the past 13 years,” said Reinke President Chris Roth. “On behalf of all Reinke employees, I wish him all the best in retirement.”


Grewe joined Reinke in 2004 as vice president of international sales and carries more than 40 years in the irrigation business. During his tenure with Reinke, he has played a crucial role in the company’s expansion to international markets.

Snyder joined Reinke in 2013 as director, international business development. Prior, he was with Valley Irrigation where he worked in their international sales division. In his new role, Snyder will oversee business operations and growth initiatives to further the company’s global presence in international agriculture irrigation markets.

“Jim [Snyder] is a great fit for this position, and we congratulate him on his promotion,” said Roth. “Jim shares in Reinke’s vision and our commitment to serving growers around the world. His business expertise and industry leadership will guide him well in his new role.”