New Soil Moisture and Temperature Sensor from Dynamax


The new SM150T Sensor from Dynamax measures moisture content and temperature in soils and substrates. It has a wide range of applications across horticulture and agriculture, and is a reliable and cost-effective sensor for system integrators, who appreciate its ease of installation and simple interface (0 – 1 V DC output).

Soil Moisture255x143

The SM150T is a dual purpose sensor - it can be used portably (with a readout meter) for instant moisture readings, or left installed in the soil connected to a logger - to provide moisture and temperature data. When installed it can be logged by any Delta-T Devices data logger and by many loggers from other manufacturers. The SM150T is engineered to withstand long term burial – the sensor, connectors and cable are all environmentally protected to IP68 - and it comes with a 5 year warranty.

With a length of only 143 mm (rods 51 mm), the SM150T can be easily installed in grow-bags and plant pots - and its accurate and stable measurement (± 3% for 0-70% VWC range) and low power (18mA for 1 second) make it an excellent choice for irrigation system integration. 

For portable applications the SM150T is available in SM150 Kit form, complete with readout meter and carry case. The kit is simple to use and rugged, making it easy to check the uniformity of growing conditions in substrates. The kit includes substrate calibrations for perlite, coir, peat, and mineral wool, as well as soils.

The SM150T is easy to insert and install - its sharp pins minimise soil disturbance, preserving the original soil structure around the measurement rods. For burial at depth the cylindrical shape facilitates installation in augered holes.