SERCOM introduces wireless system Xtender


After having been rewarded with the Innovation Award at the final Horti Fair exhibition, a few years ago, SERCOM Regeltechniek B.V., from Lisse, The Netherlands, has made another step in the further development of automatic climate control and storage.

sercomWith the release of the Wireless Xtender , SERCOM has optimized the concept of wireless communication between a central climate computer and its sub-sations, or with stand-alone fertilizer dosing systems in open fields.

SERCOM is a market leader in their home country for the climate control of storage rooms for flower bulbs and is equally active within the horticulture. They manufacture each part of their systems (e.g. print boards, chips and other hardware) themselves and write the software in-house. All of their systems supplied can be updated, without the need of replacing any of the hardware. As an important supplier of highly advanced climate control systems, Sercom is the first to apply radio technology to realize the possibility of long distance communication, in real-time.

The new two-way communication system, which will be formally introduced at the forthcoming IPM exhibition in Essen, Germany makes it possible to communicate between the main computer and maximum 16 sub-stations, over a distance of up to 5 kilometers. This offers many possibilities to control several locations from a central office and facilitates the option to expand production areas without the need of expensive and time-consuming wiring. During the last year, SERCOM have been testing their new product extensively at various locations and applications within The Netherlands and abroad and is now confident to release it commercially.

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