Rain Bird Expands Low Flow Sprinkler Line with New LFX600 Model and Accessories


Rain Bird's LFX Low Flow Sprinklers are designed to provide growers with operational flexibility and unmatched watering efficiency. Now, the company is adding another model to the LFX line-up. The new LFX600 offers a higher maximum flow rate and a wider throw radius to cover an even broader range of irrigation applications.

"In 2017, we introduced the first LFX sprinkler model, the LFX300," said Mary Nichols, marketing manager for Rain Bird's Agri-Products Division. "The new LFX600 model builds upon the success of the LFX300 by offering the same efficient and operationally flexible design, but with more options to allow growers to further customize the sprinkler to meet their own unique watering needs."

While the LFX300 offered a peak flow rate of 0.73 gpm and a throw radius of 18 to 25 feet, the LFX600's maximum flow rate is 2.1 gpm with an increased throw radius of 22 to 31 feet, allowing it to water larger areas. Both sprinklers are ideal for low volume applications in under-tree or overhead configurations, including orchard and field irrigation, environmental control, crop cooling and dust control. Constructed of engineered thermoplastic materials for durability and weather resistance, the LFX sprinklers feature a simple, three-part design that includes a body, nozzle and brake assembly with attached deflector. However, the LFX600's brake assembly is specially designed to handle the torque generated by its higher flow rate. The brake assembly comes pre-assembled with one of four new deflectors with three outlet trajectory options (9 , 12 , 15 purple and 15 gold).

Growers can make their LFX300 or LFX600 sprinklers even more versatile with a variety of available accessories. Single-sided and double-sided stream splitters create a single or double dry "wedge" in the sprinkler's watering area to protect tree trunks or other areas from getting wet. An edge/road guard that supports both low- and high-angle deflector trajectories can convert the sprinklers from full-circle to part-circle.

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