ICL Specialty Fertilizers introduces Agromaster Start Mini


ICL Specialty Fertilizers introduces Agromaster Start Mini, the first mini-granular fertilizer with controlled release technology. It combines the conventional mini fertilizer effect with the benefits of coated nitrogen and phosphorus to provide long-lasting nutrition for crops.

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Coated nitrogen and phosphorus allow for a controlled release of these nutrients in the initial stages of vegetation, improving nutrient availability and up take without affecting the germination and emergence of the young plants. The incidence of salt injury to the young root system, especially in the early stages, is significantly reduced or completely avoided.

Thanks to a high number of mini granules (6.5 mil granules/ha) that are applied ultra-localized (within 3-5 cm of the seeds) in furrows at seeding, Agromaster Start Mini is a safe and reliable source of nutrients for fast establishment of the crop.

With Agromaster Start Mini applied closely to the seeds, the gradual release of coated phosphorus will significantly improve this nutrient’s availability and its uptake by the young root system. The gradual release of coated nitrogen helps to avoid stressful situations, especially in the cold season.

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