The World’s First Liquid Fertilizer to Contain EVERY Essential Plant Nutrient


A complete liquid fertilizer that contains every essential plant nutrient has been the ‘holy grail’ of liquid fertilizers for many decades. Many have tried to create such a product, all have failed.

That is why the development of “Gold Leaf” by Plater Bio is an important achievement. While there are suspension products already available that contain lots of plant nutrients, they contain solid material suspended in liquid. The problem with suspension fertilizers is that the solid part (calcium phosphate and calcium sulphate) are completely insoluble, even when diluted down and left for days.

Plater Bio founder Dr Russell Sharp says “the aim when creating Gold Leaf was not only to produce a product that contained every essential nutrient, but which was also buffered to the exact pH that plants need for optimal growth and with all the micronutrients in a chelated form in order to keep them available to the plant”.

The immediate, and most obvious use for Gold Leaf is as a hydroponic fertilizer.

While Gold Leaf was initially designed for hydroponics, it is now being trialled in other agricultural systems, such as field crops.

Gold Leaf is now being tested by potential distribution partners globally:

     Nutrient content (% w/v)

     Nitrogen (N)        9%
     Phosphorus        5% (as P2O5) 
     Potassium          16% (as K2O)
     Calcium              1.53%
     Sulphur              1.57%
     Magnesium        0.23%
     Iron                    0.16%
    Zinc                    0.02%
    Manganese        0.01%
    Boron                 0.01%
    Copper               0.001%
    Molybdenum      0.001%
    pH 4.5 (5.5-7.0 when diluted)

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