Solvay launches N-Protect app


Solvay has introduced the N-Protect application, allowing farm producers to get a return on their nitrogen investment.

The risk of nitrogen losses through ammonia volatilization or nitrate leaching depends on environment factors, such as weather and soil conditions, and also on the targeted type of fertilizer and number of fertilizer applications.

The N-Protect application tool aims to help farmers find the best solution according to their need. The app can be found at Once on the app page, you indicate your soil type, soil pH and soil depth, weather conditions, number and type of fertilizer application, and your country. At the right of the page is displayed the nitrate leaching risk and ammonia volatilization risk determination, and the last page provides the best Solvay solution for the conditions.

To prevent loss of nitrogen and improve the efficiency of N fertilization to plants, Solvay’s innovative formulations based on urease and nitrification inhibitors are currently commercialized.

Solvay offers a portfolio of technology based on functional ingredients and actives, delivering unique safe and innovative solutions for customers across the value chain.

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