IBM launches Watson Decision Platform for Agriculture


IBM brings data and AI together with the global release of the Watson Decision Platform for Agriculture to help growers and enterprises make better decisions.

This new platform is an innovation that draws upon IBM’s advanced capabilities in AI, analytics, IoT, Cloud and weather to create a suite of solutions that span the farm-to-fork ecosystem.

Underpinning the platform, IBM PAIRS GEOSCOPE processes some of the satellite data and serves as storage component in the current system architecture. By aggregating and analyzing terabytes of multi-layer geospatial data using machine learning and advanced analytics, PAIRS allows IBM to store and run queries on the geo-referenced data.

At the core of IBM’s platform is the Electronic Field Record which is the collection and integration point for the many sources of IoT and practice data that, together, capture the current and historical state of the farm.

Growers can now film a field of corn from a drone and use Watson-enabled visual recognition analysis to identify crop disease or a pest infestation. The app also allows the grower to photograph plants up-close and have Watson identify the exact pest or disease that is placing stress on the crop.

For large food producers, the platform offers an opportunity to “see” the fields in a new way. Food producers will have visibility to the likely yield from each supplier’s farm and can plan the logistics of when they want each farmer to deliver their supply.

The platform also seeks to anticipate problems before they start. The platform helps farmers understand critical factors such as soil temperature and moisture levels, crop stress, pest and disease risk and identification, yield predictions and alerts.

The platform also offers a tool that marshals huge amounts of pricing data – from the local grain elevator to the futures markets – and recommends the best time to sell a crop in order to maximize profit.

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