Trials show Omnia Precision Agronomy boosts profits


Recent trials conducted by Hutchinsons prove that the use of Omnia Precision Agronomy results in yield increases and lower costs of production.

According to Nick Strelczuk, precision technology specialist for Hutchinsons, by comparing variably drilled wheat alongside a farm standard rate on spilt fields and taking them to yield, the statistically-valid work has proven that using Omnia Precision Agronomy can increase yields by an average of 0.6t/ha, worth £99/ha (based on wheat at £165/t).

“In fact, in some areas, this went up to 1.4t/ha or £240/tonne which is a significant increase – and was achieved with lower costs of production,” notes Strelczuk. “This is really exciting news for the industry as it is the first time that we have been able to prove the financial benefit of the features that using Omnia for variable rate applications offers to growers such as more even establishment and targeting inputs.”

Hutchinsons developed Omnia Precision Agronomy, a precision farming, cloud-based application that enables agronomists and growers to make precision crop management decisions, based on factors that as a matter of routine they would normally consider when managing their crops.

Omnia allows the user to overlay data on soil type, nutrient levels, slug levels, seed bed conditions and week populations to derive optimum variable application plans. This ensures every part of every field accurately receives the appropriate inputs to maximize productivity, while minimizing environmental impact.

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