Delivering more digital ag solutions for farmers


The Climate Corporation, a subsidiary of Bayer, has announced new platform partnership agreements between the company’s Climate FieldView platform and three Canadian-based ag tech companies: SoilOptix, A&L Canada Laboratories Inc. and AgCon Aerial Corp.

SoilOptix is an Ontario-based soil mapping system that offers high-definition, detailed field nutrient maps. Through The Climate Corporation’s partnership with SoilOptix, farmers will be able to integrate and visualize key soil data layers in Climate FieldView, and work with their agronomic partners to create optimal seeding and fertility prescriptions.

A&L Canada Laboratories Inc. is an innovative, research driven technology company that will enable farmers who use Climate FieldView to easily view their A&L soil test results and analysis. The integration is key to helping farmers better understand their soil, to identify the right combination of nutrients to manage and improve field productivity and analyze crop health and performance based on different soil zones within the field.

AgCon Aerial Corp. is an Alberta-based, aerial solutions provider that delivers extensive field mapping and analysis through advanced aerial imagery, helping farmers understand the health of their crops. Farmers who use Climate FieldView in Western Canada will have the ability to access on-demand, high resolution imagery from AgCon Aerial Corp, alongside other imagery data layers, to gain a deeper understanding of in-season performance of their crops.

First launched in the United States in 2015, the Climate FieldView digital agriculture platform is on more than 60 million paid acres across the United States, Canada, Brazil and Europe.

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