NutriGuide, a new digital tool to optimize crop nutrition


Borealis L.A.T, wholly-owned subsidiary of the Borealis Group and fertilizer distributor, has launched NutriGuide, a new digital tool developed to optimize fertilizer input. The free tool will be made available first to growers and resellers in Austria and France.

The NutriGuide tool runs on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. It complements the digital services offered by the Borealis L.A.T diagnostic tool N-Pilot.

NutriGuide allows farmers and resellers to incorporate a range of parameters used to determine the amount of fertilizer application required for their specific needs. Users of this online application can opt for the “farmer” or “reseller” function. In only a few steps, the user enters information about soil composition, crop type and growth stage. NutriGuide then generates instant recommendations for optimal fertilizer types and amounts compliant with local regulations.

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