BHN granted import licence into Brazil


Bio Huma Netics (BHN) has announced that it has been granted an unlimited import licence to bring fertilizers into Brazil for commercial sale.

The US company, whose product range includes liquid fertilizers based on proprietary technology using Leonardite, has been operating in Brazil under a limited import licence during the previous year.

Based in Arizona, the company has 20 liquid crop nutrition and protection products registered for sale in Brazil and plans to begin shipping immediately. BHN says registered products are in the categories of macronutrients, micronutrients, growth managers, soil fertility, organic acids, and biopesticides. BHN is anticipating more products will be registered in the future.

Executive Vice President of BHN Sales, Justin Smith said: “This is an incredible opportunity for us, one we’ve been working toward for over 2 years. Brazil’s fertilizer sector is growing rapidly, and they are particularly hungry for technologically advanced fertilizer products such as ours.”

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