Leili has acquired lead registration for biostimulant


Leili has acquired the first registration with EU REACH for the biostimulant Sargassum enzymatic hydrolysis on Feb. 21, 2019.

The registration includes 13 substances such as enzymatic hydrolysis products of Sargassum, Sargassum, Sargassaceae, and 15 Leili preparations such as Alga600, Leili 2000, AlgaSoil, Alga300, Algreen, Seamino.

Leili is the first Chinese company to complete the EU REACH registration for similar substances.

Leili not only acquired the first registration of Sargassum extractive, but also registered the enzymatic hydrolysis process, which indicates that Leili’s core technology and innovative products of algae biostimulants have achieved full access to EU high-standard countries.

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