Concentric Ag offers real-time soil diagnostics


Concentric Ag Corporation, a developer of biological and plant nutrient inputs, has formed an alliance with AgroCares that will add real-time soil nutrient diagnostics to the services it currently provides to broadacre and specialty crop growers.

Starting in the fall of 2019, Concentric will offer its proprietary NutriScan soil analytical system, developed with AgroCares of the Netherlands, to give Western Canada growers a complete soil nutrient analysis and recommendation on their smartphones within 10 minutes.

Concentric has obtained the rights to distribute the AgroCares soil analysis technology and will market it as NutriScan in Western Canada. The next planned stage of product development and commercialization is the Great Plains region of the U.S.

To calibrate the sensor technology, Concentric worked with local agronomists, retailers and the AgroCares' technical staff to collect and analyze over 2,000 soil samples from across Western Canada. NutriScan combines sensor technology with AgroCares-developed algorithms and artificial intelligence elements to rapidly deliver customized reports to growers.

ATP Nutrition, Concentric's plant nutrient division, will unveil the NutriScan application at its research site during the Ag in Motion outdoor farm show in Saskatchewan, July 16-18. ATP will begin offering the technology to its collaborative retailers and agronomists in the fall of 2019. Under a simple subscription model, its customers will be able to use the tool on an unlimited, rather than per-sample, basis.

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