New biostimulant from Italpollina


Italpollina has released the biostimulant Tandem.

Tandem is in microgranule form and contains an exclusive strain of beneficial microorganism (Trichoderma atroviride MUCL45632) enriched with LRPP (lateral root promoting peptide), a peptide of vegetal origin designed to promote root development.

The product, which is used with the microgranulator at the sowing stage to localize closer to the seeds, acts at the rhizosphere level, improving biological fertility, favoring the solubilization of phosphorus (starter effect) and stimulating rhizogenesis. The presence of vegetal peptides ensures the improvement of plant resistance to climatic stress (such as drought, cold, excess heat, lack of nutrients in the soil) through a strong antistress and biostimulant action.

Tandem is suitable for organic farming according to EC REG. N. 834/2007.

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