Stamicarbon gets ready for the future


Urea technology provider Stamicarbon outlined its plans for the next decade in its launch of Vision 2030 at its Future Day held in Utrecht, The Netherlands, 4 April.

Part of Marie Tecnimont, Stamicarbon licences its urea technology around the world and currently accounts for around 44% of the world’s installed urea capacity.

When presenting Stamicarbon’s vision, CEO Pejman Djavdan (pictured) said the company was committed to increasing its expenditure on innovation.
This includes further developments in the field of specialty fertilizers, as already witnessed with Stamicarbon’s partnership with specialty fertilizer producer Pursell Agri-Tech in the USA.

As well as coatings technology, Stamicarbon has developed a production technique for using urea as a carrier for micronutrients, so-called seed-core technology. The company has also improved the digitisation of its urea plants, leading to greater efficiency and cost-savings.

Stamicarbon is also looking to be part of the drive to see how renewable energy can be used in the production of nitrogen fertilizers. Djavdan mentioned this in the context of Africa where logistic costs in some parts of the continent can add greatly to the cost of fertilizer to the end-user.

Also speaking at the event was Taylor Pursell, Chairman of Pursell Agri-Tech.

For full story, see the next issue of New Ag International to be published in June.