NACHURS nutritional products approved for use


NACHURS has announced the approval of six nutritional formulations for use with Bayer’s XtendiMax with VaporGrip Technology. These formulations include micronutrient products as well as slow release nitrogen and NPK products, which are all powered by NACHURS Bio-K technology.

“Today’s high-yielding crops require more available potassium to meet nutrient demands,” said Tommy Roach, director of specialty products and product development, in a news release. “Being able to provide plant nutrition while simultaneously applying chemicals is a great way to improve plant health, enhance nutrient use efficiency and elevate crop productivity at the same time.”

NACHURS currently approved products include NACHURS K-fuel, NACHURS playmaKer, NACHURS N-Rage Max, NACHURS Finish Line, NACHURS 6% Mn EDTA, and NACHURS 10% Boron.

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