Farmers Edge offers free nitrogen management tool


Farmers Edge is providing their yield-based nitrogen tool at no additional cost to growers for the season. Following excess moisture that is impacting soil nitrogen levels, the tool will help growers reach their yield goals by providing greater control over the most important decision affecting corn production.

The company’s N-Manager tool uses multiple field-centric variables to give growers accurate recommendations for their farm versus generic estimations. Integrated with the FarmCommand platform, N-Manager provides highly specific nitrogen data on a field, or zone-by-zone basis, allowing growers to adopt optimized nutrient stewardship practices that help reduce environmental impact while increasing yields. To provide growers with full visibility of the needs of their crops, N-Manager is complemented by exclusive features from Farmers Edge to help plan applications, track critical growth stages and visualize overall crop health from anywhere.

In a multi-year study that tested the nitrogen model across over 2,600 R&D zones, N-Manager achieved the gold standard of accuracy for its mineralization values in comparison to USDA standard values. Precise, easy to use and data-rich, N-Manager helps to ensure the global corn industry moves into a future defined by highly efficient and sustainable production.

N-Manager is available now and at no additional cost through the end of the year to new and existing Farmers Edge customers.

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