ADAMA and Taranis collaborate on precision agriculture solution


ADAMA Ltd. and precision agriculture startup Taranis have entered a global partnership to develop a full-service package solution to optimize farming practices and decrease costs through precision agriculture.

ADAMA will work with Taranis as a strategic partner, utilizing the company’s advanced aerial imagery scouting to expand their worldwide reach and enhance ADAMA’s end-to-end services and solutions. The partnership with Taranis will provide growers and ag professionals with a solution that enables the effective and efficient use of agricultural inputs.

Taranis utilizes its patented scouting technology to capture aerial imagery at sub-millimetre resolution, detecting field ailments such as weeds, insects, disease and fertilizer deficiencies, or growth conditions such as emergence, row coverage and more. The company’s artificial intelligence-driven technologies then analyze the images and provide accurate actionable insights from the field directly to the farmer.

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