Valagro breaks ground at site of new U.S. plant


Valagro held a ground-breaking ceremony on Oct. 1 at the site of its new plant, now being built in Orangeburg, South Carolina.

The event was attended by nearly 70 guests among key local authorities, State of South Carolina representatives, and a handful of federal authority representatives.

According to a news release, the new plant will allow Valagro to better meet current and future American demand for innovative sustainable agriculture solutions, better serve North American customers and advance the use of biological products in agriculture.

“The new manufacturing plant will allow Valagro to play a key role in the biologicals and advanced crop nutrition industry in the U.S., by giving us the capability to produce locally and to serve, with even greater excellence, our distribution partners in meeting the growing demand for sustainable solutions, such as biostimulants and specialty nutrients,” said Mario Mastrangelo, Country Manager USA.

The plant will introduce cutting-edge technologies for the production of plant biostimulants and chelated micronutrients in the U.S. The opening of the production site will also involve the creation of nearly 50 new advanced manufacturing jobs.

“The new American plant is a fundamental part of Valagro’s global production strategy and is further evidence of the company's continued and solid global growth,” said Giuseppe Natale, CEO of Valagro. “But beyond this, I would like to emphasize the site’s role in advancing the broader objective of creating conditions that enable the agriculture of the future in a market that is as essential to us as it is to the global farming industry in general. This is why we are also launching our Valagro for Future Farming initiative. The Orangeburg plant will be a facility for innovation, where science is applied to agriculture to produce solutions that can help growers obtain more abundant and better-quality harvests more efficiently. And this is our commitment.”

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