BioConsortia adds new wheat seed treatment to growing list of products moving to registration


BioConsortia, Inc. has added a wheat seed treatment to the growing list of new biological products moving to registration phase.

Wheat Field Trial of new BioConsortia seed treatment 2 2019 002TBioConsortia logohe new wheat product has come from BioConsortia’s biostimulant pipeline. This seed treatment product, along with several others, has been tested on spring and winter wheat in at least 20 field trials over the past two years with positive yield increase and good consistency. The lead product is based on spore-forming bacteria that have compatibility with commercially available chemical seed treatments, making it an easy to use and low-cost option for growers.

The products have been shown to colonize wheat root systems across a wide diversity of soils, fertility and environmental conditions. Their mode of actions is based on strong root colonization and helping the plant with nutrient acquisition, leading to higher yields. The products will be registered under various U.S. state registration systems. BioConsortia is now seeking a partner to take the product to market and expects that the final product will give a 5x ROI for the growers.

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