Ceradis receives US EPA approval for new biofungicide


Ceradis B.V. announced Ceradis’ first product registration in the USA, with the EPA granting the registration of CeraMax for seed treatment of soybeans.

CeraMax is a biofungicide with efficacy against a broad spectrum of fungal diseases. The first application of CeraMax will be as a seed treatment against sudden death syndrome (SDS), a fusarium disease on soybeans.

CeraMax contains the active ingredient natamycin. Natamycin is a biological molecule produced by soil bacteria as a defense mechanism against fungi. Natamycin is an approved food additive, that has been used for decades to preserve for example cheese. Natamycin is not only safe for human food, it is also safe for the crop and non-target organisms. This is due to its unique mode of action. It targets ergosterol, which only fungi possess. CeraMax is therefore a new tool to help farmers in the battle against resistance development.

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