Indigo Ag expands to Europe


Indigo Agriculture has expanded into Europe and opened headquarters in Basel, Switzerland.

The company will offer microbial seed treatments, digital agronomy and grain quality testing to European farmers in 2019. Rollout for the company’s other offerings – such as Marketplace, an e-commerce platform where growers and buyers connect directly to transact grain – will follow throughout 2020.

“The European food system is already at the forefront of setting consumer health standards and shaping sustainable agricultural practices,” said Karsten Neuffer, Indigo’s chief operating officer, International. “Bringing our range of microbiome and digital technologies to this market will further support a systems change towards more beneficial agriculture. We look forward to working with growers, buyers, and other partners along the ag and food value chain to tailor our offer to the local diversity of European crops and farming.”

Going forward, Indigo will also enroll European growers within Indigo Carbon, a grower carbon sequestration and soil health program. This program complements The Terraton Initiative, a global effort to remove one trillion tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it within agricultural soils.

Indigo is headquartered in Boston, MA, with additional offices in Memphis, TN; Research Triangle Park, NC; Sydney, Australia; Buenos Aires, Argentina; and São Paulo, Brazil.

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