Koppert registers new biofungicide


Koppert Biological Systems has registered a new biofungicide – Noli – in France.

Noli is a water dispersible granule preparation based on the naturally occurring Metschnikowia fructicola yeast, which prevents decay in fruit. Noli is a spray suspension that is applied directly to leaves, blossom and fruits of the plant. It effectively controls Botrytis in grapes and soft fruits such as strawberries and blueberries, and Monilia brown rot in stone fruit, such as cherries and plums, without leaving a trace of residue

Noli is intended for preventive treatment before disease symptoms appear, but can also be used in the finishing stages approaching the harvest for protection when most synthetic fungicides are not available. Noli is an antagonistic yeast that works by competing for space and nutrients with harmful fungi. It produces antifungal metabolites and attacks the plant’s pathogens through mycoparasitism.

Registration in other European countries and the USA are expected to follow.


More information:


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