Symborg launches biofertilizer BlueN


Biotechnology company Symborg has launched BlueN, the first sustainable biofertilizer that maximizes the efficiency of atmospheric nitrogen.

BlueN is a 100 percent biological and sustainable solution that improves the natural use of atmospheric nitrogen by 60 percent, contributing to the preservation of the environment by preventing the emission of nitrous oxide gas in its manufacturing process, soil degradation and pollution of aquifers. It has also been approved for use in organic farming and areas of special environmental protection.

BlueN’s innovation consists in its ability to improve agricultural productivity using an atmospheric nitrogen fixing bacterium, Methylobacterium symbioticum.

“BlueN is directly applied on the leaves at the beginning of the life of the plant,” said Félix Fernández Martín, head of competitive intelligence and technology at Symborg. “Bacteria mainly adhere to the intercellular spaces of plants and use nitrogenases, which are enzymes that break down nitrogen from the atmosphere and combine it with hydrogen, to convert nitrogen from the air into ammonium. That is why the plant directly and steadily assimilates nitrogen as an amino acid (basic component of proteins) and, thus, feeds the plant through a constant flow of nitrogen throughout the growing season, thereby resulting in significant energy savings for crops and economic savings for farmers.”

Jesús Juárez, Symborg CEO, emphasized the need to feed an entire planet while preserving the environment.

“Before a growing population, agriculture must respond to a growing demand for basic products, which is why it is more necessary than ever to optimize crops and improve their sustainable management in order to guarantee the conservation of habitats and their nearby ecosystems,” he noted. “Research, innovation and biotechnology are the great allies of the planet to reverse the situation in the search for more sustainable solutions for agriculture.

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