State-of-the-art seed treatment centre established by Agrii


A new seed treatment centre, built and installed by TeaL Agro Technologies at Agrii’s Throws Farm Technology Centre in Essex (UK), will allow high-value vegetable seed to be treated with precision, temperature and moisture-control care for the best seed quality and protection.

Agrii has also entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Dutch organic coatings specialist Ad Terram, giving the UK seed industry access to a growing range of environmentally-friendly, rapidly biodegradable, microplastic-free film coatings.

Specific biostimulants and approved fungicides and pesticides products can be included to order as part of the high technology film-coating process which offers a range of natural pigment colourings for better field visibility.

The 100 percent organic, non-polymer, non-bioplastic coatings are also supplied as pre-mixes containing Ad Terram’s range of biostimulants that promote nutrient uptake and increase stress tolerance for stronger, healthier crops.

“Our new facility is designed to serve the conventional as well as organic seed trade,” said Agrii regional commercial director, Neil Ross. “As the only seed treatment facility of its type in the country, we are using it to provide the highest quality treatments to deliver this for a broad range of vegetable seed.”

Under the agreement with Ad Terram, Agrii will also be supplying the company’s range of advanced bulb and foliar-applied biostimulants across the UK.




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