TransCanna and KeyPLex collaborate on suite of agro products


TransCanna Holdings Inc. has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with agriculture firm KeyPlex, to create and market high quality biopesticides, biofungicides and fertilizers with micronutrients specifically created for the cannabis industry.

The MOU between KeyPlex and Lyfted Farms (a TransCanna subsidiary) marks the first time a line of biocontrols and specifically formulated fertilizers designed to increase plant vigour during each stage of the life cycle, will be created for the needs of cannabis and hemp crops. In addition, the all-natural, product lines co-branded by the companies meet the standards required to pass stringent testing in order to be compliant in the California cannabis space.

Improving soil and plant health via comprehensive nutritional inputs and biostimulants that make nutrient uptake more effective for cannabis plants has several benefits, including increased yields and disease resistance, and improved pest resistance, which can lead to higher profit margins. In addition, healthier soil requires less water, leading to more sustainable water use and lowered associated costs.

The products offered through this collaboration have no pre-harvest interval, zero worker re-entry restrictions, and have no residual testing limitations.

KeyPlex was established in 1980 and specializes in sustainable, environmentally friendly, botanically based products that are OMRI certified, EPA exempt, and approved for use in California on all cannabis and hemp varieties. KeyPlex products are currently sold across North America, South America and Europe.

“Lyfted Farms was selected to be our sole partner in this exciting new venture because of its reputation for cultivation expertise and the noted quality of its cannabis flower,” said Gerald O’Connor, CEO of KeyPlex. “We share a passion for innovating and for pushing the standards of quality to meet the needs of producers and with end user safety in mind.”

The first two product offerings are in final-phase development and include a broad-spectrum fungicide and a plant-based insecticide that have demonstrated effectiveness in repeated crop cycles conducted at Lyfted Farms test facility sites in Modesto, Calif.




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