Netafim to provide advanced irrigation systems in India


Following its successful community irrigation projects in India, Netafim announced it has secured another mega deal estimated at approximately $85 million dollars for providing advanced irrigation systems to 35,000 farmers.

The new deal includes three large projects in India, involving the construction of irrigation systems that follow the community irrigation model. According to the company, the deal is a testament to the successful collaboration between local farmers, the government of Karnataka state in India and Netafim to improve the livelihood and quality of life of local communities, by employing advanced precision irrigation technologies and digital farming solutions.

The three projects cover 66 villages and 35,000 farmers on 50,000 hectares area (123,500 acres) in the state of Karnataka (Nandwadgi and Singatalur regions). Projects will be deployed over a period of two years and will include technical and agronomic support for a further five years. In these projects, Netafim joined forces with the Indian Infrastructure company, MEIL (Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Limited).

To execute the entire project, Netafim will also train the farmers to operate the advanced systems. A wide range of crops are planned for the area including onion, chili pepper, corn, peanuts, beans, sunflowers and other crops.

These projects are an extension of the successful Ramthal community irrigation project in the state of Karnataka which was completed in 2017, and additional four projects in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh which were secured by Netafim in 2018 and which are now under implementation.

The scope of the regional irrigation projects won by Netafim to date involves 202 villages in India and over 97,000 farmers over 100,000 hectares (247,105 acres) area. The transition to precision irrigation is expected to double the agricultural output, improve its quality and save about 40 percent in water and fertilizer consumption.

What is the community irrigation concept?
Community irrigation methods were first introduced in India by Netafim in an attempt to provide a unique solution for small holders. Using economies-of-scale to develop the needed infrastructure at a large scale, while providing small farmers an advanced precision irrigation system that enables them to grow better crops, become less affected by climate changes and thus guarantee the stability and economic growth of each farmer and the entire region. Combining the best and most suitable technology with know-how and training practices is the key for success of these massive projects.

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