Solinftec, IBM partner to raise standards of agriculture digitalization


IBM and agricultural platform Solinftec are collaborating to provide real-time decision-making solutions for agriculture. 

Through this partnership, Solinftec utilizes local weather data and forecasting from The Weather Company, an IBM business, to deliver digital agricultural solutions that leverage operational efficiency, use of inputs and agriculture compliance, ultimately reducing environmental impacts.

According to Daniel Padrão, director of operations at Solinftec, accurate weather data is crucial on the farm, not just for operational excellence, but to better manage inputs and to increase yields. “We are leveraging IBM’s unique insights to provide farmers and retailers with the climate-based information they need,” he said.
Fernanda Borges, IBM business development leader for weather in Latin America adds, “It’s not only a matter of weather data, it’s what the weather data can bring to farmers and to their businesses.”
Solinftec combines real-time agronomy, machine and weather data to feed algorithms and drive operational excellence and compliance. “As an example, Solinftec users in Brazil have seen an increase in the efficiency of their operations by up to 40 percent,” said Padrão.
Since 2018, Solinftec has been using IBM weather data to leverage solutions that benefit its consumers and society, promoting innovation and addressing critical problems related to agriculture, food production, sustainability and waste reduction. “This is a key partnership for IBM and we are working together to explore new technologies that can expand Solinftec’s capabilities, delivering higher value data to their customers and more precise business insights,” said Jose Luis Spagnuolo, distinguished engineer and director WW Tech Sales for IBM AI Applications.


New AG International November/December 2020


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