CeraSulfur now registered in Italy


Ceradis Crop Protection B.V.’s new bio-sulfur fungicide CeraSulfur has obtained registration in Italy, starting with usage on grapes. The distribution will be done by DeSangosse Italia under the brand name Whisper.

CeraSulfur SC is the first sulfur fungicide derived from agricultural sources. The sulfur is made by bacteria that turn hydrogen sulfide (H2S), a byproduct of biogas production, into elemental sulfur. With the origin of the process being farm waste, this organic and circular (“farm to farm”) sulfur has a different chemical structure and a smaller particle size, making it more effective than conventional sulfur. Also, it has a hydrophilic nature as opposed to conventional sulfur, which is hydrophobic, making it far easier to handle and combine with other products.

“The crop protection industry is facing consistent pressure to switch from chemical to biological pesticides,” says Willem-Jan Meulemeesters, CEO of Ceradis. “We have already launched our product in France in 2020 with our partner DeSangosse, under the tradenames Whisper and Kashmir. We are very happy to add more countries, in line with our global ambitions for CeraSulfur, especially with such a strong partner who shares our goal to give farmers alternatives to chemical pesticides.”
The company’s next goal with DeSangosse will be to broaden the label in France and Italy and obtain registration in Spain. 


New AG International November/December 2020


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