Valent and Soil Health Partnership collaborate to boost soil health


Valent and the Soil Health Partnership have signed a five-year agreement to evaluate farming practices and innovative technologies that promote soil health. The Soil Heath Partnership (SHP) is a farmer-led program of the U.S.’s National Corn Growers Association.

Under the agreement, Valent U.S.A., Valent BioSciences and SHP will conduct collaborative research that will continue to demonstrate the economic and environmental benefits of improved soil health through the use of cover crops, reduced tillage and other management practices. As with other SHP field locations, key learnings will be shared within its peer-to-peer network of farmers.
“SHP shares our vision of supporting sustainable food production, now and in the future, so we’re proud to join them in researching the most effective and robust soil health practices,” said Andy Lee, CEO and president, Valent U.S.A., and Valent BioSciences. “Maximizing soil health is an essential component to ensuring a more sustainable and profitable farming operation.”
John Mesko, SHP senior director, said, “The Soil Health Partnership truly is a partnership across the ag community for the benefit of farmers as they seek to understand and implement soil health building practices. We appreciate Valent’s commitment and support, both for this collaboration and to a sustainable future for farming and food.”
The joint agreement is effective through December 2025.
About the Soil Health Partnership
The Soil Health Partnership is a farmer-led initiative that promotes the adoption of soil health practices for economic and environmental benefit. A program of the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA), the partnership extends to more than 200 working farms in 16 U.S. states. While building a peer-to-peer network, SHP collects on-farm data to evaluate the impacts of soil health practices on the soil, the environment, and the farmer’s bottom line. 


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