Koppert Biological Systems introduces Chrysopa-E for better biological control


Using an earlier stage of lacewings – the natural enemy of aphids, mealy bugs and Echinothrips – growers can now tackle these harmful pests more effectively and economically with Koppert Biological System's new Chrysopa-E.

Chrysopa-E makes more efficient use of the egg stage of the lacewing, Chrysoperla carnea, instead of the previously used larval stage. Chrysopa-E can be produced at lower production costs, so that the grower can use many more control agents for less money.
Chrysopa-E feeds on all types of aphids, mealy bugs and Echinothrips, and can be used preventively, which offers the grower more certainty. The product is suitable for a wide variety of crops and Koppert has achieved good results with trials in various crops. Positive results have been achieved in Canada with the use of eggs for medicinal cannabis.


New AG International November/December 2020


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