FBSciences expands its biopesticide offerings


FBSciences has expanded its biopesticide category, adding further uses and claims to its EPA-registered biopesticide material, FBS Defense 500. The company plans to roll out a comprehensive lineup of biopesticide solutions under the FBS Defense brand category as they receive approvals for additional label uses, with both conventional and organic products. 

Recently approved nematicide claims have now been added to previously registered plant growth regulator (PGR) claims. A fungicide package has been submitted and is currently pending approval, and an insecticide package will be submitted later this month.
FBSciences' FBS Defense 500 is a broad spectrum biopesticide to improve germination and seedling development, stimulate root and shoot growth, increase chlorophyll content, improve plant ability to withstand stress, increase yields, and control nematodes when used alone or in mixtures with nutrients and other pesticide products on field crops, vegetables, fruits, nuts, vine crops, turf and ornamentals. The most recent claims to be added to the FBS Defense 500 label are for the control of nematodes – the product has proven effective on various nematode species, including root-knot, cyst, lesion, spiral and reniform nematodes. 
Once the pending fungicide package is approved, this description will be appended to include the control of fungal diseases.
Products already under FBSciences' crop protection umbrella include preventative fungicide Carbon Defense and registration-pending nematicide Nemblast. Carbon Defense is now commercially available, and Nemblast is available for select field trial opportunities.
FBSciences also anticipates an inert tolerance exemption of their proprietary active ingredient in FBS Defense 500, in July 2021. With the approval of the inert tolerance exemption, FBSciences will include their biopesticide technology as an inert ingredient, opening opportunities to make the technology available in other formulations with other active ingredients. 



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