Acron to enter calcium nitrate market with new capacity


Russian fertilizer producer Acron is developing a 100,000 t/y granulated calcium nitrate (CN) in Veliky Novgorod, with investments totalling about USD 22 million. The group says it expects to start production in 2022.

“The feedstock for the new fertiliser will be liquid calcium nitrate, a semi-finished by-product of apatite concentrate processing at the NPK units. The Group plans to produce different calcium nitrate brands for both agricultural and industrial needs,” said the company.
Acron intends to produce agricultural brands for open-field application and water-soluble fertilizers for greenhouse facilities. Currently, Acron does not list any CN products on its website.
There are two stages to the project. Firstly, a purification and preparation unit to treat the liquid calcium nitrate at the existing NPK unit No. 1 will be installed ahead of the transfer to the calcium nitrate unit.
The second stage includes the construction of a granulation unit, designed to use multilayer in-drum granulation technology with a built-in fluidised bed.
The construction of a calcium nitrate unit is an important part of Acron's 2025 investment programme, said Alexander Popov, Chairman of Acron’s Board of Directors.
Other CN capacity in Russia belongs to Uralchem, according to New AG International database.



New AG International November/December 2020


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