Max Systems LLC, has introduced Regulator 3.0 Concentrate a low pH surfactant that can be combined with water and other products in spray tank mixtures at extremely low rates. Like the previously introduced Regulator 2.0 product, the new concentrated version is used to lower, or regulate, the optimum pH of a wide range of tank mix solutions. However, instead of using 2 to 4 quarts of product per 100 gallon of water, Regulator 3.0 Concentrate can be used at an even lower rate of 12 to 16 ounces per acre.


ICL Specialty Fertilizers, a business unit of the ICL Group (NYSE and TASE: ICL), has begun producing controlled release fertilizers using its new E-Max Release Technology at its production facility in Heerlen, The Netherlands. The new products will be marketed under the brand names Agromaster© and Agrocote Max©. The new E-Max Release Technology, specifically designed for use in agriculture, was developed at the R&D facility in The Netherlands over several years and has been tested worldwide. The production line in The Netherlands has a capacity of 25 thousand tonnes per year.


Trimble is now connected with the John Deere Operations Center through John Deere’s API services. This connection allows Trimble to enhance the value of its Connected Farm and Farm Works Software solutions — Trimble’s web-based and desktop farm management solutions — by downloading as-applied and yield task data from Operations Center. The integration provides farmers the ability to make more informed decisions by sharing data across platforms to manage their information.


July 25, 2016 - Verizon is set to launch an Internet-of-Things (IoT) and decision support product for permanent crop farmers this quarter. Its product aims to improve the connectivity of sensors and other data-capturing devices on the farm to turn this data into actionable insights through its dedicated software platform. Verizon Agtech will run through Verizon’s new IoT platform ThingSpace, which was launched in November 2015 as a tool to help developers and others to use IoT. For many ag data and sensor-based startups that have struggled with connectivity issues — and as data standards remain absent — a network and platform leader entering the sector with an IoT product could accelerate adoption.


Falcon Soil Technology has added new mapping and live sampling tracking features to the Model 5000 Automated Sampling System. For the first time, soil samplers can collect, map and share soil sample information within the same system.


Tokyo, Japan - July 28, 2016. Terra Drone is a UAV long time participant in surveying and analyzing site conditions for the construction industry. The company was born as a part of Terra Group, selling 30,000 electric vehicles annually in Asia. With the success in land-surveying, Terra Drone choses agriculture as the next field to explore. Terra 1 Series, the crop spraying agricultural UAV, will be released this autumn.

“The launch of Terra 1 Series displays our development skills, which we acquired with the manufacturing of electric vehicles” said Toru Tokushige, CEO of Terra Drone. “With this new product, we’ve shown that Terra Drone can not only offer services for the construction sector, but also develop hardware for commercial products.


Newbury, UK -- Leading UK precision crop production company SOYL has unveiled a new field scouting app called iSOYLscout which is set to make the recording, monitoring and review of in-field problems and variation much easier for farmers.


Machine Learning Models Based on IBM Deep Thunder Help Predict the Business Impact of Weather
ARMONK, NY- USA - The Weather Company, an IBM (NYSE: IBM) Business, today announced plans to advance the precision and accuracy of weather forecasting by combining hyper-local, short-term custom forecasts developed by IBM Research with The Weather Company's global forecast model. The powerful combination of the two models will be called Deep Thunder, and will also use historical weather data to train machine learning models that will help businesses predict the actual impact of weather.


HAIFA Group just announced another enhancement of its water soluble nutrition product line with the release of "FertiMatch", a mobile app for calculating the desired composition for Fertigation.

The FertiMatch app helps the grower determine the right amount of fertilizers needed for a desired composition. The grower inserts details regarding his Fertigation control head, chooses a reference element and concentration and the fertilizer (Haifa or other). The output provides the fertilizer quantity needed and the concentration of elements in the irrigation water.

FertiMatch runs on iOS (iPhone http://bit.ly/1ffCGVT, iPad http://bit.ly/1f3uebz) and Android (http://bit.ly/1cy7Bc4). Soon it will be available for Windows phone.