COMPO GmbH Goes Professional


COMPO GmbH comes back to the professional market by acquiring and integrating international specialty fertilizer companies DeltaChem, Synergie, Dutch Ekompany and the majority share in Spanish Navarro.

hcp 20180619182After a 36 months absence from the professional market, following the carve out and the sale of professional market division COMPO Expert GmbH in 2015, COMPO GmbH is now coming back to the professional market through the planned acquisition and integration of DeltaChem, Ekompany, Synergie and Spanish Navarro,

‘Our clear objective is to become again a key player in the professional market for specialty fertilizers leveraging our expertise that we have built up since our start in 1956’, states COMPO CEO Stephan Engster, ’We will provide state of the Art product solutions combined with a unique service proposition through our new entities on a global scale. A key driver for future growth will be our rapid expansion in the Asia pacific market.’

Jidong Zhai, VP of Kingenta Group and Executive Board member of IFA, International Fertilizer Association, sets clear targets with a planned turnover volume of € 1 billion to be achieved within the next years, ’we are playing it big and offer a new experience to the industry’, claims Mr. Zhai, ’Global R&D centers with leading engineers and researchers ensure our edge over the competition.’

hcp 20180619217‘While speed is of essence, we will definitely allow the time to get it right’ confirm both managers.

The newly set up professional structure is going to be advised by the International Advisory Board and also cooperate closely with global stocklisted Kingenta Group, a leader in providing cutting edge solutions in the plant nutrition market with a global manufacturing and R&D footprint, € 3 billion in sales and over 12000 employees in 2018.

In addition to the planned acquisitions, COMPO GmbH announces major and continuous investments into R&D and production facilities at their corporate HQ site in Münster, Germany. ‘This will further improve our ability to react quickly to increasing market demands, especially in peak season, and drive customer satisfaction on all levels’, Mr. Engster says.

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