John Deere, Pessl Instruments Team Up in Farm Management Systems


Pessl Instruments developed a system that is compatible with John Deere soil moisture probes, in addition to many other moisture probes.

John Deere is best known for its line of tractors, combines, sprayers, and implements. However, in an effort to help growers gain a better understanding of agronomics, it launched the John Deere Field Connect system several years ago. Field Connect allowed growers to monitor soil and weather conditions and better manage things such as irrigation amount and timing.

John Deere has since decided to end production of its Field Connect gateway. However, recognizing the value in these types of systems and data, John Deere recently announced an allied agreement with Pessl Instruments

With the agreement, Pessl will soon integrate into John Deere’s Operations Center platform, joining a host of other companies that have integrated with John Deere’s farm management system to provide decision-making tools and solutions. The current gateway will be upgradeable to Pessl LTE telemetry, extending the life of the existing hardware investment.

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