Larderello Group opens subsidiary in Beijing on the occasion of celebrating its 200 years


Larderello Group (SCL Group) announced the opening of its Chinese subsidiary- SCL (Beijing) Trading Co., Ltd recently.

The new subsidiary is based in Beijing and will be led by Mr. Sun Jin as the general manager. This establishment marks SCL Group, known for its long history, and product quality and technologies, will provide more efficient and professional service, as well as more applicable products for the Chinese market.

Mr.Sun Jin

“Since early 2016, when Mr. Sun Jin started to be in charge of SCL business in China, he has gained significant achievements in distribution channel development, brands operation and team building. We believe that under his leadership, the Chinese team will allow more clients to understand and recognize FERTIGLOBAL. We are full of confidence in the development of the Chinese subsidiary,” said Mr. Tommaso Trigona, vice president of SCL Group.

FERTIGLOBAL is the brand name for the global agrochemical products of SCL. Entered into Chinese market in 2000, FERTIGLOBAL has been growing rapidly, thanks to its stable and high product quality. Nowadays, the FERTIGLOBAL portfolio in China includes the products of Foliarel®, Foliflo® and Folikel®.

“SCL China is the group’s first subsidiary in Asia, and the sixth one in the world. We are committed to serving our clients with high quality products, and also introducing the advanced agronomic technology into China, to contribute to the health development of Chinese agriculture. In October, during the New Ag International China Conference of which we are one of the gold sponsors, we will hold the opening ceremony of SCL China.” 

Established in 1818, SCL group is the first enterprise involved in the R&D of industrial boron, and the first to supply boron nutrient in agriculture. Now, the group occupies more than 80% share of the global fine chemical boron market, and is one of the leading boron suppliers in the nuclear and galvanization industries. In the 1950s, SCL entered into the agrochemical industry, and made a strong presence in the global market quickly by its quality products and the outstanding advantages in process technology developed in fine chemistry. Since then, FERTIGLOBAL gradually became well-known in the world agrochemical market.

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