Netafim to deploy community irrigation projects across India


Mexichem announced that its Netafim subsidiary is implementing four large community irrigation projects that span 100 villages across India, delivering water to 135,000 acres and positively impacting nearly 60,000 rural farmers.

Netafim is deploying its precision irrigation technologies in India’s Singataluru, Ananthapuramu District and Tarikere regions. Singataluru is comprised of two projects that covers 41 villages, helping approximately 15,000 farmers. The Ananthapuramu project covers 22 villages, helping approximately 13,000 farmers. The Tarikere project covers 45 villages, helping approximately 27,000 farmers.

The four projects are following the successful implementation of the Ramthal community irrigation project, that was completed in 2017 and delivered precision irrigation to 7,000 farmers in 28 villages in Karnataka, India. Netafim works with Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Limited (MEIL) in all these projects.

Water savings estimates are on the order of 40 per cent less consumption combined with significantly higher yield. Additionally, with the Netafim system these farmers can expect to consume 40 per cent less fertilizer to grow a broad range of crops including Bengal Gram, corn (maize), peanut (groundnut), sorghum (Jowar), sunflower, wheat, various beans, chilies, onions and vegetables. The precision irrigation technologies will also help grow flowers for sale (floriculture) more sustainably.



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