Seipasa opens new business units in USA, Latin America, Europe and Africa


Seipasa has inaugurated its new business units in the USA, Latin America, Europe and Africa, in addition to the branch with which Seipasa has been operating in Mexico since 2009.

SeipasaThis new venture reinforces the company’s structure to facilitate its access to new markets, based on obtaining phytosanitary product registrations for each country.

Mexico is the next country where Seipasa is due to obtain phytosanitary registration for its Fungisei biofungicide, a product the company is already selling in the USA, Peru and Morocco. Seipasa has also initiated the process of registering Fungisei in the main European markets, where the company is also waiting for an extension to its registration for the new applications of the Pirecris bioinsecticide. Ecuador and Colombia are another two countries where Seipasa expects to obtain registration approval. Seipasa received US registry certification for its Seican biopesticide last May. These countries join the list that includes Spain, France, Portugal, the UK, Italy, Morocco and Costa Rica among others in which Seipasa already has phytosanitary registrations for its products.

José Luis Egas has been recruited by Seipasa to take charge of the business unit for Latin America. He joins the company after a long career in corporations such as FMC or Bayer. Mark Russell is the new Seipasa-USA director. Russell has extensive experience in the agricultural technology sector, having worked for companies such as Suterra and Eden Bioscience. He has also worked in business development for more than 15 companies in the last 16 years. Mohcine Ousfani has joined Seipasa as the director of the company’s business unit in Africa, having worked for Sipcam, among several other projects. The Seipasa-Europe business unit is managed by José Martínez, who takes on this new responsibility after two years in the company’s export department. Martínez brings with him a wide knowledge of more than 15 years in the agri-food sector.

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J. L. Egas, Director of Seipasa-LATAM; J. Martínez, Director of Seipasa-Europe; J. A. Talavera, Seipasa Sales Director; M. Russell, Director of Seipasa-USA.; C. Castro, Director of Seipasa-Mexico and M. Ousfani, Director of Seipasa-Africa.

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