Bernard Blum Award 2019 for Novel Biocontrol Solutions


Deadline for nominations prolonged until 19th July! International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association (IBMA) is calling for nominations from the industry for novel biocontrol solutions that will make an impact on this rapidly growing market.

ibmaDeadline for nominations prolonged until 19th July!

It is expected the winning entry will have a high impact in management of pests or diseases while having a low impact on human health and the environment.

As with the winning entry from Vestaron in 2015, Agrauxine Le Saffre in 2016, CBC Europe in 2017 and Marrone Bio Innovations in 2018, there will be a permanent linking of the winner and their contribution to the industry with Bernard Blum whom the award and trophy is dedicated to. In 1995, Bernard Blum laid the foundation for the IBMA, anticipating an important and growing industry in the field of plant protection.

IBMA will award a trophy and 4 full page adverts in any New Ag International magazine issues in 2020, as well as complementary registration for ABIM 2020. Also, the 3 shortlisted finalists will have a poster to display their innovations at ABIM 2019, the premier global biocontrol industry event. 

Nominations for this prestigious new award should be provided to Isabelle Pinzauti BabrzyƄski prior to 15th July 2019. Please fill in the form:

The winners will be announced at the IBMA Annual General Assembly during ABIM in Basel, Switzerland.

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