Bayer Trendlines Ag Innovation Fund establishes EcoPhage Ltd.


The Bayer Trendlines Ag Innovation Fund, set up by Bayer CropScience LLC and The Trendlines Group Ltd., announced that it established EcoPhage Ltd., a new company focused on discovering and developing environmentally friendly products for disease control in agriculture.

The Trendlines GroupThe company will leverage a disruptive technology for using bacteriophages, viruses that attack bacteria, for crop protection. The technology was developed by Professor Rotem Sorek of Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science. Sorek is a recognized world leader known for his groundbreaking research on the interactions between bacteria and bacteriophages. Several companies have been founded to commercialize Professor Sorek’s technologies, provided under license from Yeda Research and Development Company Ltd., Weizmann’s technology transfer company.

EcoPhage is the second company established by the Bayer Trendlines Ag Innovation Fund. The first company was IBI Ag Ltd., which is developing eco-friendly, highly targeted solutions for pest control.

The Bayer Trendlines Ag Innovation Fund was established in April 2016 as a collaborative partnership between The Trendlines Group and Bayer to invest in agricultural technologies. The partnership agreement includes a US$10 million investment from Bayer. 

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