Kiwa Bio-Tech develops process to improve fertilizer solubility


Chinese company Kiwa Bio-Tech says it has developed a new processing technology to improve the solubility of fertilizers.

Working with the Institute of Bio-Agriculture of Shaanxi Academy of Sciences, and Harbin University of Technology’s Research Centre of Ultrasound and the Environmental Group, Kiwa Bio-Tech says the results of the research showed the solubility of solid fertilizers (both granules and powders) could be improved by nearly 30%.

The new process enables the granules to be fine enough for drip irrigation, according to Kiwa Bio-Tech. “This new process enables the granules of Kiwa’s fertilizer to reach nanometer fineness in drip system equipment and dissolve 100% in water, which will help Kiwa’s fertilizer products to be more widely used in agricultural market,” the company said in its statement.

Details of the processing technology, or the fertilizers that were trialled, were not given in the statement.

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Kiwa Bio-Tech is also looking to use ‘big data’ technology in its marketing effort in Shaanix province. The company has signed a strategic agreement with Beijing Digital Cooperative Information Technology Ltd (DCIT). DCIT has developed a cooperative management system, which can be applied to the 13,000 farmers’ cooperatives operating in Shaanxi province. The fruit planting area is 2.7 million hectares (6.6 million acres), according to Kiwa Bio-Tech.

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