Koppert partners with Canadian Ecoation


Koppert Biological Systems in the Netherlands and Canadian-based Ecoation have signed a cooperation agreement. The objective is to use each other’s knowledge for better data collection in the monitoring process of crop health.

“We want to create sensors together to better detect pests and diseases in various crops,” said Koppert sales director of North West Europa, Arne van Aalst.

According to Dr. Saber Miresmailli, founder and CEO of Ecoation, detecting pests and diseases at early stages, and “providing comprehensive and local information about individual plants and their environment, as well as automated local treatment with biological control agents, can significantly enhance the IPM success.”

Koppert is engaged in the business of biological crop protection and for this reason involved in the selection and development of effective AI monitoring systems to monitor and analyze pests and diseases in various crops. The biological solution company is launching Natutec Scout in September. This smart mobile application gives instant insight into the integrated pest management (IPM) situation of greenhouse growers. The app won the GreenTech Innovation Award at the international GreenTech fair in Amsterdam earlier this year.

Ecoation focuses on AI-driven autonomous crop management and sensing based on robotic, sensing and imaging technology and artificial intelligence/machine learning. Last year Ecoaction, together with Metazet-FormFlex and Micothon, won the GreenTech Concept Award for the IRIS! Scoutrobot. This robot registers plant health and diseases in greenhouses. The technology is based on the patented Saber sensor that detects pests, diseases and deficiencies early on.

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