Corteva Agriscience invests in Lavie Bio Co


Corteva is making an investment in Evogene’s agriculture biologicals subsidiary, Lavie Bio.

The transaction includes the exchange of all shares of Corteva’s wholly-owned subsidiary Taxon Biosciences along with an equity investment by Corteva in Lavie.

As consideration for the Taxon Biosciences shares and equity investment, Corteva will be issued approximately 30 percent of Lavie’s equity while Evogene will hold approximately 70 percent of Lavie’s equity.

Taxon Biosciences’ assets, including a large microbial collection and product candidate pipeline, will be integrated into Lavie’s pipeline, accelerating Lavie’s “biology driven design” approach and its product development. Corteva’s investment in Lavie will also provide to Corteva certain rights with respect to Lavie’s corn and soy pipelines, allowing Lavie to benefit from Corteva’s corn and soybean market access.

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