Large-scale greenhouse complex in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Dava Corporation, owned by the Al Batal family, has entered into a contract for a large-scale turn-key greenhouse project with Debets Schalke. The project will develop three different greenhouse projects at three different locations with a total project size of 44 hectares. This is the largest horticultural investment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

2019 DesignThe first greenhouse project, already under construction, is being built in the Al-Kharj region, and it will be suitable for year-round fresh vegetable production. The total greenhouse area of this first project will be divided in six greenhouses with a central packaging and technical area as well as a growing compartment to grow young vegetable plants. Greenhouse project two and three will start at the end of this year.

With the ambitious Vision 2030 reform program, major changes are taking place in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as it prepares itself for the future. A country that used to be mainly known for its oil is forming an economy with a much broader base. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia currently imports 70 percent of its food.

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