AgroSavfe changes to Biotalys


AgroSavfe, a food and crop protection company developing a new generation of protein-based biocontrols, has changed its company name to Biotalys. The company’s headquarters remain based in the biotech hub in Ghent, Belgium.

BiotalysTo further support its international growth and to prepare the launch of its first biofungicide, expected in 2022 in the U.S., the company has also incorporated Biotalys, Inc.

“The new branding comes at an exciting time when we are approaching the final stage of development of our first biofungicide, BioFun-1, which is expected to enter the U.S. market in 2022,” said Patrice Sellès, CEO of Biotalys.

BioFun-1 will initially target the fruits and vegetables segment. Its mode of action and product characteristics protect food crops from key pests and diseases, as well as extend shelf life to reduce food waste.

“The establishment of Biotalys, Inc. is in line with our ambitious growth strategy and will support long-term value creation through the commercialization of our products in the USA,” said Sellès.

The company was founded in 2013 under the name AgroSavfe, and since its inception, achieved recognition from the investment community and the industry as a unique and powerful technology platform for the identification and development of novel, targeted protein-based biocontrol solutions across multiple indications. Building on its scientific expertise and the validation and de-risking of the platform, the new corporate identity, Biotalys, reflects a natural evolution towards a maturing food and crop protection business, interacting with the whole food value chain and offering alternative food and crop protection solutions that combine chemical-like consistent performance with a biological safety profile.

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