Pessl Instruments connects with Microsoft


Microsoft Azure FarmBeats has integrated with Pessl Instruments’ IoT and DSS platform FieldClimate.

The collaboration serves multiple purposes, from farmers being able to make more data-driven decisions to increase productivity, to data scientists, agronomists and researchers being able to build analytic models on top of aggregated sets of data.

FieldClimate is one of the first web platforms for collecting and displaying agro-meteorological data of tens of thousands of weather stations under the METOS brand, installed all over the world. Azure FarmBeats combines data from different sources such as weather, and visual information from drones and satellites, and unites them with data coming from the METOS weather stations for data-driven analytics. The selected METOS devices immediately sync as data flows into the FieldClimate servers.

The purpose of these data is to help farmers decide when to irrigate, when to spray, what disease preventive measure to take, if they can go to the field and work on it, and much more. This will help the user to prevent unnecessary trips to the field, save money on gas and other resources – from water to fertilizers. Data and data analysis help with lowering expenses, increasing yield and income and saving the environment at the same time.

With the Azure FarmBeats integration, FieldClimate can now leverage the FarmBeats soil moisture maps that are generated base on METOS device information and satellites.

“Knowing climatic conditions are one of the most important aspects to consider in agriculture, climate change is a growing threat. Remote monitoring is not in the future; it is already in the present,” said Gottfried Pessl, Pessl Instruments’ CEO and Founder. “The Covid-19 crisis has shown us how important food supply is and we cannot sacrifice any crop losses due to bad management or not being able to visit the fields. The collaboration between Pessl Instruments and Microsoft provides the opportunity to identify problems timely without visiting the fields.”

According to Dr. Ranveer Chandra, chief scientist, Microsoft Corp., effective data modelling in agriculture requires the ability to combine high quality data coming from sensors with widely available data from satellites and weather sources to increase the scale and accuracy of predictions. “Data-driven Agriculture and predictive analytics provide granular and timely decision-making,” he noted. “Pessl Instruments is a well-recognized partner with a large footprint of high-quality sensors in the market, and together we aim to bring the benefits of data and analytics to farming.” 

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